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Blogher: there really isn’t anything I can say to describe it. Really.

I just met a ton of bloggers, all of whom were inspiring, interesting, funny, amazing in some way. I have collected enough free stuff that I probably could hand out an item to every American citizen and still have some left over. I have probably eaten twice my weight in those delicious chocolate covered strawberries. I have cried more than ever before, due to touching, heart-breakingly beautiful Keynotes speeches. I loved it. Every moment.
I am, at this very moment, debating whether to go to Japan and Australia with my dad, or Blogher 2010 with my mom. It’s a harder decision than one would think. Well, I’ll jump that hurdle when I absolutely have to. Which, with the way tickets for Blogher sell, might be sooner than is comfortable. I have totally worn out poor Kakashi’s keys with the amount of checking blogs that I have done, and I still have a ton more to do. But I love this, this reminder of what has happened.
To me, this was more than sessions and swag and meeting new people. It had a sense of family that I never expected. I have a large family, and at reunions, I tend to stutter over people’s names before finally admitting that I just don’t know, as I did with many of you. I felt like a part of a community, a family, a group with one unifying cause. At the community Keynote, I sat next to perhaps the most inspiring woman, besides my mother, that I had ever met (she knows who she is), and I told her that, coming into blogging, I was concerned that I wouldn’t stand out, that there would be a million bloggers just like, or better than me. But, I continued, coming to Blogher, I realized that no one could be exactly the same as anyone else. Like stars in the sky, we each have a different light, and we each illuminate the world in a different way.

Whether we be mommy bloggers, life bloggers, book bloggers, or “miscellaneous un-life” bloggers, we each touch the blogging community and serve to make it better. Some of the things I have experienced in those couple days at the conference touched me more deeply than a lot of the experiences I’ve had in my life. One of these was something my mother told me, after her Keynote that had left me with torrents of tears streaming down my face.

I sat at my table, smiling at Sassymonkey and gnawing distractedly at a kabob as I watched the brave kareoke-ers as they sang.

“Remember my speech,” My mom said suddenly from beside me.

“Oh yes, it was brilliant,” I replied, sounding all too much like Giles from Buffy when he’s distracted.

“No, that’s not what I meant,” my mom argued. ” I want you to remember that if you put your mind to it, anything can be achieved”

The way she said it made it sound less Disney movie, and more epiphany post material. My mom knew she was going to have a Keynotes speech before she even wrote it. She is confident, talented, drop-dead gorgeous, and without her, I never would have met the amazing women, and men, in a minority, that I met at the conference. I want to thank her so much for everything she’s done for me, but I cant ever find words to describe it, just like I can’t describe Blogher fully, so I guess I’ll say the only thing I can:

I love you, mommy. I love you forever, and this blog is my love song to you.

July 27th, 2009
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25 Responses to “Blogher: there really isn’t anything I can say to describe it. Really.”

  1. Annie @ PhD in Parenting Says:

    Great post! I loved meeting you, however briefly, as I grabbed a quick glass of champagne and chatted about lipstick and lip gloss before dashing off to my next session. Hope to see you next year.

  2. Carmen Says:

    Nothing makes me cry. Almost nothing. My family jokes that I have no feelings.

    I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes. This was beautiful. Your mom is an amazing woman that I feel privileged to know, and you are proof that she is phenomenal in all she does.

    Thank you.

  3. Sharon Says:

    Great post! I’m a little weepy now… =)

  4. Mom Says:

    Aww RJ. You are making us all weepy. I love you. I should say more but I am speechless.

  5. Jeannine Says:

    This is beautifully written and heartfelt. Your mom is lucky to have you in her life. And you are a wonderful writer!

  6. Mir Says:

    I love your family. And I love that you had this experience. As someone who never had a love song with my mom, I am touched and grateful to be able to witness this gift you’ve been given, as well as the insight with which you’ve received it. Thank you.

  7. Laurie Says:

    One of the things I felt the happiest about the whole weekend was being able to sit next to you and your brother while your mom read her keynote speech, which was one of my very favorites. I have pictures from it that I’ll share soon. I’m glad I awkwardly said hello in the burger place so you’d at least know who I was. ;)

    A good chunk of my life is in some ways a love song to my mother and I can relate to you on that very level. I can tell you know you’re mutually blessed and everything else good will flow from that.

    I admire your gift of being able to communicate with brilliance, eloquence and insight at a very young age, and I’m so psyched you have a blog because the world and our community need more voices like yours. I’ve been a writer all of my life and wonder what it would have been like to have this medium as a teenager – amazing, I think. I hope you decide to come to Blogher next year, but as a travel nut I know the allure of awesome trips like that. We will be here for you regardless. Count me as a committed new reader. Illuminate the world, you do.

  8. RJ Says:

    I was crying all over my computer as I wrote it, too.

  9. RJ Says:

    I’m glad I met you, too. Some of the best friendships start with awkward hellos, and I can not thank you enough for supporting my fledgling blog!

  10. RJ Says:

    I think I’m the lucky one when it comes to my mom. I can really be a pain to her sometimes, but she invariably forgives me.

  11. Tre~ Says:

    RJ. Whoa. Girl. Wow. Tears. Streaming. Down. Face.
    Wasn’t at BH this year….regret that much. Next year.
    Your post captures the whole mood though, the ‘this is why we gather’ feeling. Awesome that you wrote it. Better still that you’re blogging.
    Why categorize? Un-life is a fab concept.
    As for vampires…um…well, truth? They gimme the heebie jeebies. Cuz me no likey that kinda stuff.
    But I’ll visit often.
    Cuz I”m a rambler too so methinks I’ll find good company here.
    Hugs for sharin’.

  12. Caryn Says:

    Was so nice to meet you although I felt like I knew you already. You are a charming young lady and I am looking forward to seeing what else your future holds. I know your mom is incredibly proud of you and it’s great to be able to share in that feeling by reading your thoughts. Will be stopping in regularly to see how you are doing and to improve my vampire vocab.

  13. Betsy Says:


    Once again you have proven that the ability to beautifully express a thought is not limited the aged and wise, It is boundlessly bubbling up from your spirit.

    I love you and your mom too!

  14. Laurie Says:

    Hi there. I didn’t meet you at BlogHer but I did meet your mom and Denise (although we have known each other online for some time). And I am friends with Sassymonkey. ;-)
    I loved your mom’s keynote and I felt that you are all so lucky to have her love expressed so publicly. Your post is every bit as wonderful. And you sound so much more mature than any 13 year old I know.

  15. Kalyn Says:

    What a lovely post, so well-written. I can tell you’ve got a great blogging future ahead of you.

  16. Elise Says:

    Oh, and now I’m crying all over again! So great to meet you at BlogHer. If only we were all as poised and articulate as you at 13. Love Vampire Vocab!

  17. shellykaye Says:

    Great job in getting it kiddo you are, as always, amazing!

  18. Ananda Leeke Says:

    Hey Sistalove. You are a star. Your mom reminds me of my mom. Her love, support, positive energy, wonderful spirit, and wisdom will carry you through life. Keep shining.

  19. sassymonkey Says:

    RJ, I’m seriously thinking of adopting you. But you’d have to come to Canadia.

  20. Sockmouth Says:

    What an awesome post. I am so proud of you.

  21. SecondHand Karl Says:

    Good God, you write just as well as you speak in person. Rebecca, it was my honor and pleasure to sit beside you at lunch on Saturday, though I kinda wish you’d shouted out, “I’M 13!” as you were taking your seat.

    You are funny and intelligent and beautiful and I know your parents already probably have a difficult job just keeping suitors at bay. I loved talking books with you. You remind me a lot of me at your age, very well read and witty.

    That said, you are NOT ALLOWED to visit my blog for 5 years. I may visit you here, but you can’t visit me. I was uncomfortable enough knowing I swore around you before I knew your age. So even though I cannot physically STOP you from going to my site, I’m trusting you won’t. Please.

    And? You rock.

  22. RJ Says:

    Thank you, Karl. I really like people who appriciate books and my love of them, i.e. when I start rambling about vampires, they’re nice enough not to immediately tell me to shut up. As for your blog, though you can’t physically stop me, my mom and Denise can. As soon as I told them who you were, they told me that I was NOT ALLOWED to go to your blog. And Denise’s word is law.

  23. RJ Says:

    Yay! Will you feed me those delicious butter tarts?

  24. Denise Says:

    Denise’s word is law. I like that. More people should know that. :-)

  25. RJ Says:

    I think they all do, subconciously.